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Polishing Supplies Hardware Lubricant
Alignment Tool, Body Putty, Formula Glue 
The Toob Carrying Case Car Display Stand

Polishing Supplies


Our # 1 Item

Axle Polishing Super Kit
Axle Polishing Kit plus
6000 and 8000 Grit Polishing Papers




Pinewood Derby Accessory Axle Polish

Blue Magic Metal Polishing Cream
The finest metal polish on the market!
Give your axles the dominating finish they need to take your car to victory!






Pinewood Derby Accessory Fabulustre

Fabulustre Finishing Compound
(Includes Chamois (2) and Buff Mandrel)



Pinewood Derby Accessory Polishing Cloth

Fabulustre Polishing Cloth
The Easiest Way to Finish Your Axles





Wheel Bore Polishing and Finishing Compounds


Pinewood Derby Accessory Bore Polish

Liquid Abrasive
1 oz. bottle
(includes 4 extra fluffy pipe cleaners)




Pinewood Derby Accessory Micro Finish

The Final Touch
2 oz. bottle
(Not available in 1 oz. bottles)



(4) Extra Fluffy Pipe Cleaners



(4) Tapered Pipe Cleaners
Normal Tapered to Extra Fluffy




Extra Fluffy Pipe Cleaners
Package of 10



Tapered Pipe Cleaners
Package of 10






3/8" Brad Point Wood Drill Bit


13/32" Perfect Point Wood Drill Bit
(Perfect for Tungsten Cylinder Weights!)



(Needle Point for Precise Centering
and special design for minimum wood


5 1/2" Triangular Needle File
#2 Cut



4" Triangular Machinist's File
Bastard Cut w/ Handle



Precision #44 Drill Bit
(Not for use in Pro Body Tool)



Precision #43 Drill Bit
(Not for use in Pro Body Tool)



# 44 (.086) Drill Bit For BSA Axle Holes
(For Use in Pro Body Tool)



#43 (.089) Drill Bit for Oversized Axle Holes
(Axles > .089 dia.)




Pinewood Derby Accessory Hob-E-Lube

Pinewood Derby Accessory Tube-O-Lube









Originally developed for the US Space program, krytox is a highly refined thin-film lubricant which not only outperforms dry lubricants including graphite when used properly, it is cleaner and easier to use.

The Ultimate Lubricant

Krytox 100
1/2 ounce oil
(much easier to get
exactly one drop)




Similar to Krytox, Nyoil II is a highly refined thin-film lubricant which will outperform dry lubricants such as graphite when used properly.  It is cleaner and easier to use and has been a league favorite for many years.  The primary difference in the two oils is that one must be more particular in removal of the excess oil on the axle with Nyoil.

Nyoil II
2 ounce bottle



(Note: Krytox and Nyoil are oil lubricants and will not be allowed in pinewood derby races where only dry lubricants such as graphite are allowed.  Always check your local rules to see if oil lubricants are permitted.)



Wheel Alignment Tool


PineCar Body Putty


The Toob

The Coolest, Most Awesome Pinewood Derby
Car Protective Case Around

(the preferred case for league racers)



Car Display Stand


Display Stand
Out of Stock



Secret Wax
(2 oz. bottle)




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