Pinewood Derby Car Design and Speed Tips

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"Dominant by Design 2nd Edition"
Pinewood Derby Car Design and Speed Tips

SAVE $$$ How to get our Pinewood Derby Car Design Guide for Free?
Just order the download version.  Then, if you purchase a minimum of $100 in supplies in the next 10 days, we will apply a credit of $12.95 on that next order.  All you need to do is state "Book Credit" or similar in the comments section on the order and we will apply the credit when the order is processed.  This gives you the opportunity to review the book and then place your supplies order and still save!

The New Edition of the Most Extensive Pinewood Derby Car Design and Speed Tips Guide has Finally Arrived !!!

At 188 pages and over 220 photographs and Diagrams

Dominant by Design 2nd Edition
is the most extensive collection of pinewood derby speed tips available on the market.  It is designed to provide you with all the information you need to build a winning pinewood derby car.  The book is written for all experience levels from the novice to the advanced designer.  
It has....

Basic pinewood derby speed tips:

bullet Car specifications
bullet Pinewood Derby Rules
bullet Tools Needed
bullet Description and instructions for using specialty tools
bullet Aerodynamics and car design
bullet Cutting and sanding the car body
bullet Weight types and locations
bullet Alignment
bullet Wheel Analysis and friction reduction
bullet Axle analysis and friction reduction
bullet lubrication
bullet Time Table
bullet Tips to keep the child involved
bullet Gluing wheels and axles to the car


For more detail on the basic pinewood derby speed tips, see our Rookies Corner

Advanced pinewood derby speed tips:
bullet Tips and techniques for the new official BSA wheels
bullet Newest Rail Rider techniques
bullet Eliminating 25% of your wheel axle friction with a single design modification
bullet Eliminating friction from the axles
bullet Wheel hub and bore friction reduction
bullet Choosing the best wheels
bullet Making the wheels actually round
bullet Truing the wheel edge
bullet Eliminating weight from the block with and without cutting
bullet Head Start
bullet Straightening the axles
bullet Tips on the best plastic and metal polishes
bullet Extended wheel bases
bullet Finding the perfect marriage of wheel and axle
bullet Maximizing the weight and COG balance
bullet Positive and negative camber wheel tips
bullet Off center weighting
bullet Newest weighting methods and weight designs
bullet Extensive alignment section for all car setups
bullet wheel bore clearance recommendations
bullet custom wheel to body gap techniques

..... and much more!

Immediate Download


Paper Copy
(Spiral Binding)



Running out of Time???

We have the answer to that!  In Dominant By Design, we have included everything you need to build a dominating pinewood derby car.  However, if you don't have much time in which to build your car, just do the basics and as much of  the remainder as you can.  To simplify that process, we have written all of the headings for the basic pinewood derby speed tips in red ink and the more over the top tips in blue ink!  Read the entire book first, plan on performing all the red procedures and incorporate the others as much as possible. Its that simple!!!

Don't just win the Pinewood Derby... Dominate!

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