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May 7, 2011


Pinewood Derby League Racing

DerbyDominator is a proud sponsor of the CabinFever Classic in Cadiz, KY being held on 1/22/2011
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League Racing (WIRL, PWDR, WIPR and

League racing, commonly known as proxy racing, is very addictive but can be a terrific experience for adults who want to learn how to incorporate more speed into their scout's local pinewood derby race.  We would first recommend that you begin reading the various posts available on the message boards which include tremendous amounts of information on how to incorporate the newest speed tips into your pinewood derby car as well as information on league racing and all things associated with this wonderful event.  You can ask your own questions as well as there is always a top notch builder who is eager to help.  Then, put together your best pinewood derby car design and see how it stacks up against other league racers.  You may have to take a slight hit to your pride once or twice along the way but in the end, you will learn so much more about building truly fast pinewood derby cars and how you can help your scout even further in his local pinewood derby race. 

The following are links to the most popular pinewood derby racing leagues in WIRL, PWDRacing, WIPR and P-D-D-R as well as the most popular message boards for pinewood derby interests.  One of the best parts about the sites is that you can also see the video for the races for each month. Simply go to the home page and click on video below the listing for each month's races.

Pinewood Derby Racing Leagues

Pinewood Derby Message Boards
(The following pinewood derby message boards are primarily for league racers and advanced building tips)

The following pinewood derby message boards are for general and advanced pinewood derby car design tips.

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