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06-07 was the first season for our website but as our customers can attest, we've already had a tremendous amount of success!
If you would like to post a picture of your proud scout with his winning trophy or just the car and trophy itself, please send us your pictures.  Also, if you just want to send us your pinewood derby success story, that would be great as well!!!

Send Us Your Pinewood Derby Pictures and Success Story
Only the scout's first name and race results will be used if they are in the picture
(otherwise, first name and state if just the story or car and trophy)


Wall of Fame

Great results at District!!!!!
There were approximately 120 cars at our district race.  Luke was 1st Bear, Grand Champion, and set a
new track record.  The average time difference between him and the overall second place car was
0.0468 seconds.
Like I said below there were 7 cars from our garage that qualified for district.  Unfortunately only five
could attend.  Here are the results for all five:
1) Grand Champion,1st Bear, Track Record
2) 2nd Family, and Family Division Track Record
3) 3rd Bear
4) 3rd Wolf
5) 4th Webelo   
We could not have done this without your tips book. We continue to take what we have 
learned from your book and refine our cars construction.  Thanks!




Grand Champion (72 cars)

New Track Record and beat 2nd place car by over .07 seconds !!!

"Awesome speed Tips!"




1st Place District Championship, New Track Record

1st Place Derby Race

My Son's car took 1st in District - can't ask for anything better than that!  Set the all time record for that particular district track!

In the first District race he had a time of 2.308.  The fastest car to that point was 2.324.   The last race was around 2.285.  His car was the only one to break the 2.30 barrier.




Grand Champion
Zachary won it all with an average race time about two tenths of a second faster than the second place competitor.  Our pack's Cubmaster commented that our car appeared to "run on fuel rather than gravity" because it ran so fast.  We accomplished our goal of having him go out a champion.  Joshua (brother) had the second fastest time overall.  We did very well.  Thanks for all your help...

- John :)



Grand Champion, New Track Record

I really do appreciate all your help that you offered.  It really was much appreciated.

That car design of yours is unbelievable.(.....I followed the building, tuning, and break-in techniques outlined in your book along with our countless phone conversations), and that car ended up being unbelievably fast.  This car was entered into a corporate race fundraising event, and there were more than 90 companies with entries.  Our car not only beat every car that raced, it shattered the track record.  No car came within a cars length of us.  Your car design not only looks fast it truly is fast!!!!

When I was told that it broke the track record, I thought they were talking about that particular evening of racing, but they explained that this car had the fastest time ever recorded on this track which has been in existence for more than 3 years.  In fact every one of its races was faster than the previous track record.  After the race.......the BSA officials running the track said that they had never seen a faster car, and they were asking all kinds of questions about it, as if they were interested in building one......I just smiled and told them it was top secret!!!!!!!! 

Again, I cannot thank you enough for all your help.  To say that you provided great customer support would be a huge understatement.  I appreciate all the calls, and the time that you took discussing the building process on the phone.  

Our company will be entering this race again next year, so I will be in touch.

Keep up the great work!!!!! 



Luke: Pack Meet

1st Place Tigers

2nd Place Overall

District Meet

1st Place Tigers

3rd Place Overall (120 cars)

We followed your book from start to finish.  I learned a lot and will be better next year from what I learned on this project.  No modification to your steps, simply my skills at carrying them out.


Can't wait till fall and the new tips.  We want to build and race again soon.  Guess we will have to wait.  Luke has the bug so bad that we are now building a slot car track for him and some friends to race on.


Glen, TX

Sons took 2nd and 3rd place overall

Grand Champion, Open Championship


3rd Place Overall

Coolest Car

The results are in. and Zach won two awards:  3rd overall and coolest car.  He is very excited, and we are very grateful to you for all your help.  We also have something to shoot for next year - going out winning it all.  Our pack has some families that take this very serious and competition is very stiff, but we're looking forward to build something even better.
I'll let Zach share a few words with you as well...
Thank you for the tips Daryl!  I got 3rd place in a pack of 52.




Grand Champion, Pack (43 cars)
First Place Den

Thanks for all your help.  We have followed your book "Dominant by Design" for the last two years.  Encouraged by our victories in year one, we implemented more speed tips in year two and had even greater success.  We added to our trophy collection this year by taking 1st place in our den/rank and 1st place in the pack championship out of 43 contestants.  Even on a bumpy, wooden track, the nearest competitor was nearly 0.1 seconds slower which equated to victories of at least one car length in each and every race!  Suffice it to say, he dominated.  Amazing!!


Chris, TX

Mega Derby III- Houston, TX

1st Place Webelos (57 cars)

2nd Place Overall (225 cars)
Including beating 5 District Champs



Bryce and Trentin

1st Place Overall

3rd Place Overall

Just wanted to drop you guys a note to say thanks for the tools and tips!!  Our youngest son took third place (not bad being his first year!!!) and our oldest took first place (which was the car that ran your Dominator axle set). One of the cars even took Most Classic Design. So we just wanted to tell you guys thanks for all the help and see yah next year..




Grand Champion

Thought I'd share the exciting results from my son Joey's Pinewood Derby competition earlier today.  As you can see from the attached photos, 1st-Place in the Tiger Cub group as well as Fastest car overall among 49 entrants.
Thanks for your advice !!!)
Thanks again!



Pinewood Derby Champion

New Track Record


Thank you very much with your tips about the Pinewood Derby. We got first place out of the scouts.  The car also got the track record which probably was from the wheels which seemed to keep increasing speed. The maximum time for the wheel spinning of our best combination was about 35 seconds. All of your tips were fantastic! -Joshua

As Joshua writes, we did indeed get first place this year and also set the track speed record!!  I also want to add my thanks, both for the advice you shared in our conversations and emails.  I especially think the pro tool for drilling the wheels did help!  I attached a picture to give you an idea of what direction we went this year.  Again, thanks so much for your time, advice and definitely paid off and made all the time we spent working on the car worth the effort!!
God Bless!


Sean (Bear Cub)

1st in Den
2nd Overall in the pack
6th Overall at the Laurel Hills district

Mark (Tiger Cub)

1st in Tiger Cub pack derby
Best Craftsmanship Award
4th Overall in the Tiger Cub at the Laurel Hills district

Gary, MD

Grand Champion, Pack (65 cars)
First Place Tigers, (18 cars)

WOW!  You should have seen our race!  It was like we were in a totally different league and all the other cars had their brakes on.  The smile on my son's face was unbelievable.  I showed him your comments about how the scout is supposed to do the building and he was skeptical at first that he could build the car and still win.  Now, he probably won't let me touch it next year as he's a pro at this!! Thanks for pushing so hard for the scouts to do the building.  I know its a father/son project but felt that most of the winning cars were being built by the fathers.  Not so here.  Tips were easy and just like you said, its not as important how you implement them, its how many of the speed tips you build into the car.  Terrific advice and terrific results!!  Thanks again!!!


Brian- TX

3rd place overall

1st place sibling division

A few weeks ago as my boys and I began to work on our Pinewood Derby cars, I came across your website and decided to download you Basics handbook.  Being a first timer I wanted to make sure we built two cars that at least make a fair showing.  I am pleased to say that today in our first Pinewood Derby, my Tiger Cub son took 3rd place overall and his younger brother took 1st place in the sibling division.  I am positive that our success would not have been possible without your handbook. 

Thanks again.


Aaron- ME

2nd and 5th in Pack

6th and 29th in Districts out of 104

                I was hoping I would get to send you this email, and lo and behold, I can!  I wanted to thank you for your expertise.  My boys ran 2nd and 5th in the pack derby and both qualified for the district race in April.  I included a picture of the top 6 (my boys are 2nd from the left and 2nd from the right).  Thanks again!

 P.S.  In the final roll off the top 2 cars (my boy was 2nd) tripped the scoring monitor to double 1’s.  WOW!!



Mike, Utah

Sons won Grand Champion and Second Place

Thanks for the products and the extra axles. The race went well.  We entered two cars and got first and second place. This evening I am helping a grandfather and his grandson get ready for a race in January.  The wheels and axles are spinning as though they were never going to stop. It will be fun to see the results of the race. (Update: They won as well)


Chris, VA

Grand Champion, First Derby

My son entered his first derby last night and won it all. Dominant by Design made it possible. At the time we were building the car your instructions seemed like ridiculous overkill, but it really paid off. Thank you!


Mike and Zach

Grand Champion, New Track Record

You can chalk up another one!  My son won the Grand Championship at this year's Pinewood Derby! 

First of all I have to thank you for a TON of great suggestions. We used the manual for every step of the car and it sure paid off.  Zach raced 12 times and won EVERY race!  There were 57 cars entered in the derby overall.  Zach's car I believe had the 3 fastest times of the day.  I knew he would do well when he started the finals races in the slow lane 5 and won easily.

Most importantly of all - a huge thanks for putting suggestions in the manual about keeping the kids involved and about teaching them about friction and speed.  I was anxious to get started and wanted to do well but your manual reminded me what is really important - teaching my son and making this a team project.  For this, I thank you most.
From Zach and me - Thanks!

Mike, CT

1st Tigers, 1st Overall

I just ordered some additional items from your site after my son’s car won his Pack race this weekend.  He was first Tiger and first in the pack.  I have definitely caught the “bug” for working on these cars and you website offerings and manual are fabulous.


Steve, CA

Grand Champion, 2nd Year in a Row

Just wanted to let you know that we dominated the competition again this year and it's all because of your speed tips book!  Just wish we had gotten your book earlier as we were dreadful the first year.  Everyone was giving us tips after that first year and now, everyone wants to know what we are doing.  I'll be glad to tell them next year (last competition) after we whoop 'em again! HA HA!  Thank you so much for all of your help!!


William, FL

Grand Champion, Pack (58 cars)
First Place Bears

We came in 5th last year with a competitor's book and was disappointed although it was only my son's first year.  We bought your book this year, and although it was more expensive, it was night and day difference in the amount of speed tips.  It was also night and day in the difference in the speeds of Will's car from last year to this year.  We beat last year's winner in the final heat by more than a car length.  Don't even ask about the 3rd place car.  My wife thought it was ridiculous to spend as much as we did (spent over $100 on speed pack), but she doesn't think so now.  Will wants her to get me a drill press for next year!  HA! HA!   



Grand Champion

We had our pack race yesterday.  Luke was first wolf and first overall pack.  Their were 27 cars total.

The second place car was very close .02 seconds difference.  All others were well behind.
Our district race is March 8th.  I'll let you know how we do. 

Rob, VA

I don't remember who I spoke with, but last week I e-mailed you in regards to e problem I had getting a PDF download. Customer service contacted me and forwarded me not only the specific PDF but the full blown version as well. My son's pack had their derby yesterday and my soon won 3rd place. He was extremely proud of what his car did. He had a lot of input into the build where he could (wheel & axle prep., sanding, design of the car profile, paint scheme, minimal cutting, car decorations). I used the basic race tips from the smaller PDF to build his car by.  I think with a couple of changes his car will be much improved and faster for the district competition mid March. I'll send you an update after that derby. Thanks again for your support in getting me the information and thanks for the content of the information.


Timmy, MD

2nd Place Overall, 46 cars

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly - we loved your book and it was easy to follow for both my cub scout and myself. Timmy started cub scouts this year and this past weekend he participated in the Pinewood Derby and took 2nd place (1st place was just 1/4 of an inch ahead).  46 scouts participated in the event.  We purchased your Dominant By Design book and over the 4 weeks prior to the race we followed the book as best we could.  This being our 1st derby, your book was very helpful in getting us started and we are thrilled with Timmy's 2nd place finish.

Tim, NC

2nd Place, First Derby

Just wanted to drop you a note that after purchasing your book online and following it very closely we placed 2nd in our Pack Derby this past Saturday. My son and I had a great time referring to the book for all the secrets that let us be competitive even with much more experienced Scouts.  This was our first car, so to place second was absolutely amazing.  We only missed by .002 seconds average.  And that was to a Scout whose father had been making Derby cars since the 60's. We couldn't have done it without your help!

Thanks again!



Grand Champion

We won! Our best time was 2.380 and the closest anyone came was 2.401. There were a total of 50 cars.  Now we move on to the finals on March 17.  Thanks for the tips!

Ethan, IN

1st Place Webelos

1st Place Overall

Thanks for sharing your tips.  Thought I'd let you know that my son Ethan, a Webelo, won First Place in his pack's Pinewood Derby last night.  We utilized many of your tips, at least the ones that were "legal" for our local Derby rules and the success speaks for itself.


Greg, SC

Two sons took 1st Place and 2nd Place Overall

Well our race was this past weekend and my two sons took 1st and 2nd Place overall.  We were well pleased!
All in all, we had a great time doing the project.  Can't wait til next year!  Thanks for all your help.


Brian, TN

1st Place Tigers, 2nd Overall

As your website states, we literally dominated the entire event - it wasn't even really close. My son in Tiger cubs won 1st in the Tigers and took second overall.  He had one bad run in the middle lane (another car hit his, no reruns) and it dropped his time significantly on that one run. So in reality, I went away knowing that he had the best car there.  Additionally, I didn't even get a chance to make all of the necessary modifications. Next year will be a good year!  As promised, when his trophies come in, I'll take some pictures and send them your way.  Nevertheless, I'll even send some others your way for business. I couldn't be happier with the results.  Thank you again for your professionalism.

Rick, MN

1st Place

It was good that we found you this year. Now he gets to go to districts for the first time so it will be fun and he is very happy so that is good well we will talk to you later on and we will order stuff for next year  also.


Richard, MI

I had trouble with the download and a solution was worked out within hours of my initial e-mail by customer service. Great service. Even reduced the price due to a special that started after my initial order.


Ronnie, LA

Two sons

1st Place Overall

1st Place, Bears

1st Place, Webelos

Our Pack Derby was tonight and they BOTH took first place, one in Bears and the other in Webelos II!  My younger sons car had the 4 fastest laps run all night! I also downloaded your Pinewood Derby book and used several of the tips from it. I was amazed and impressed at how well written the book is and how good the tips work. I usually think things like this on the Internet are not worth the money but in this case it was money well spent. Although I started too late to use some of the more time consuming tips, I used the axle and wheel polishing steps and they were enough to beat everyone else.  Thanks for the stuff and for the advice. I'll definitely recommend you to everyone else, although I'm hesitant to give away my "winning secrets" while my sons are still competing against them!!!  Plus, since they both won first, they will be moving up to the district race in a few weeks.



1st Place Bears

Bought from you last year and spoke with you on the phone as it was my 1st year to build one with my son. he took 1st place for the Bears and 4th overall in the finals out of 88 total entries.

John, NC

3rd Place

We ended up third in our pack after a race-off between four cars that tied.  The track had a lot to do with it, as it is an old wooden track.  Our district race is March 31, and it is on an aluminum track, so our car should be faster.  Your book was a great help in the process of building the car itself.  The head start design was very beneficial against cars that were close to evenly matched with ours.  I would highly recommend the book to beginners and experienced racers alike.  No one at our pack, or even at district last year, had a design like our car.  When I get a photo, I will send it to you. 



Want to post your pinewood derby success story and pictures?  Just send them to
Pinewood Derby Success Stories



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